Cheri Honkala is running a write-in campaign. With only the Republican on the ballot, this campaign will be won by a write-in, and Cheri is the STRONG frontrunner. Click the arrow to learn how to cast a write in vote.

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Cheri Honkala, long-time Philadelphia resident, local and international human rights advocate, is seeking the office of Pennsylvania State Representative of the 197th District in the Special Election.

The seat is vacant following the recent resignation of former State Representative Leslie Acosta after secretly pleading guilty to a federal felony charge in March 2016. This is the second democrat in a row to resign because of corruption. J.P. Miranda, the previous representative, pleaded guilty to having a “ghost employee” on the payroll. Cheri will put an end to this legacy of corruption.


For nearly thirty years, Cheri has been a committed and tireless crusader on behalf of Philadelphians experiencing homelessness, poverty, and extreme poverty in District 197, where many struggle to get by on less than $2 a day.

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As a State Representative in Harrisburg, Cheri will continue to advocate for the dignity and basic human rights of each of her constituents in District 197, including housing, food, healthcare, social justice, quality education, sanctuary for immigrants, a living wage and environmental justice. As a Green, she accepts no corporate money, and so she is beholden to the people of her district and not big money interests.



Continuing to Advocate for Progressive Values in the State House

A world in which everyone has a home and nourishment starts in the 197th.

Food and Housing as Human Rights

Every person in the state should have quality healthcare available.

Universal Single Payer Healthcare

Every child’s needs should be fully met through our education options.

Quality Education for All

We must keep families together and offer refuge.

Making PA a Sanctuary for Immigrants

Everyone should be able to survive from the contribution of their work.

Standing with the Fight for $15

We must protect the planet and our water.

Stop Fracking. Stop Pipelines


Cheri has done the work to be triumphant on March 21st. She has been a powerful advocate for the 197th and beyond for well over 30 years. The only thing that could stop her - the democratic machine - is not powerful enough this time unless we fail to give her the support she has earned. Cheri Honkala, with proven experience in activism and other forms of direct action, can transform Philadelphia and the political future of the nation.

To bring forth the kinds of changes we are ready to see, our entire community has to show up and show support. The democratic machine is gearing up to attack Cheri’s strong candidacy all the way through Election Day. Cheri needs to raise substantial funds to launch a strong ground campaign to educate people about the Green Party and how she will be a different kind of state legislator than what they are used to. As we shift from corruption to integrity, every contribution, no matter how small or large, truly makes a difference.

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