On March 23, 2017, Samuel C. Stretton sent notice to the Philadelphia Elections Commission his intention to file suit in Federal Court to void Tuesday’s Special Election in North Philadelphia. The suit is being filed on behalf of Green Party candidate Cheri Honkala. Some of what voters had to face on Tuesday can be found here.

The full text of the notice:

P.O. BOX 3231
WEST CHESTER, PA 19381-3231

(610) 696-4243
FAX (610) 696-2919

March 23, 2017

Commissioner Anthony Clark Chair
City Hall, Room 130 Philadelphia, PA 19107
FACSIMILE – 215-587-9107

Commissioner Al Schmidt Vice Chair
City all, Room 134 Philadelphia, PA 19107
FACSIMILE – 215-686-3472

Commissioner Lisa M. Deeley City Hall, Room 132 Philadelphia, PA 19107
FACSIMILE – 215-686-3947

Re: Special Election of March 21, 2017

Dear City Cormnissioners:

Please be advised I represent Cheri Honkala and the Green Party in reference to the March 21, 2017 Special Election for the 197th Legislative District.

It has come to my attention that there have been allegations of massive fraud and misconduct. We have evidence of at least one if not more ballot boxes at the victory party for Emilio Vasquez. I have been told of evidence of voters being intimidated in the voting booth. There is evidence of election workers such as judges of elections assisting people to vote for the democratic candidate. There is evidence of other voters being misled repeatedly and other acts of misconduct.

The fraud is of such massive proportions that I am going to be seeking in Federal Court to void this election and to hold those accountable for their gross misconduct in undermining our democracy.

Because we have seen at least one if not more election boxes outside the normal chain of command, I am asking and demanding that you immediately seal any and all election and voting boxes and write-in tapes for this election, and keep them under lock and key. I also want an immediate inventory because we do not believe that all of the boxes are in yet, and we believe that there could be tampering.

These are very serious allegations. Although I represent the Green Party in this matter, as you know, I was the Solicitor for the Chester County Democratic Party for a number of years, and have represented many democrats, and over the years have represented many Philadelphia Democratic Ward Leaders and candidates. This election has sickened me and I am stunned at the level of allegations of fraud and corruption. This is just not acceptable and cannot be acceptable. The Democratic Party in Philadelphia County has to change. The change has to start at the bottom, not just at the top.

By this letter, I am demanding that all of the election boxes be sealed and protected, and an inventory be provided to me forthwith.
Cc: Frederick L. Voigt, Deputy City Commissioner Adam Bonin, Esquire
Cheri Honkala
Linda Kerns, Esquire Joel L. Frank, Esquire Hilary Kane