The World Needs You! Want To Get Involved?

It takes the involvement of a diverse community to really bring about the necessary changes we all hope to see. Guided by Cheri Honkala, with proven experience in activism and other forms of direct action, Philadelphia has a chance unlike any time in the past. As we shift from corruption to compassion, every act, no matter how small or large, truly makes a difference. Click Here to Learn How You Can Become A Volunteer

Another Philadelphia Is Coming!

  • Food for All
  • Housing for All
  • Healthcare for All --Inclusive of Mental Health
  • Full Living-Wage Employment. $15 an hour!
  • Fund Public Education
  • Allow Immigrants to Stay in Pennsylvania
  • Protect our Water & Land -- and Our Children’s Future.
  • Legalize Marijuana and Expungement of Criminal Records
  • Zero-Tolerance for Police Brutality
  • All Public Prisons with Community Input
  • Restore Faith in Our Elections and Voting Systems
  • Pay Equity for Women and Paid Family & Maternity Leave
  • Protect our Water & Land -- and Our Children’s Future.
  • Equal Rights and Opportunities for LGBTQIA+ Pennsylvanians