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Spread awareness and help your fellow community members learn more about Cheri Honkala's work and platform for a better Philadelphia online. Share these memes, images, and/or example tweets with your network and help get the word out in just a few clicks. Together - we are what will make the difference.
Our Revolution Endorsement
Stop the Empire
Eighty Thousand
Green Uprising
Philly Revolution
People Are Angry
Homeless with Mark
Knock on Doors 10 a.m.
Robin Hood
The Machine
Jim Moran Endorsement5
Knock on Doors 6 p.m.
Do What's Right
Walked 107 Miles
Knock On Doors
Knock on Doors 6 p.m.
Sleeping Giant
Fought for Justice
The Politics of Love
Real Progressives
Jimmy Dore
Real Progressives 2
Our Revolution Official Meme


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If you've been looking for a real progressive in #Philly, meet @CheriHonkala: #WeAreThe197

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of #Philly's slimy politicians. It's time for the real deal, @CheriHonkala:

Two #Philly Democrats resigned because of corruption. Do we really want more of the same? I'm backing @CheriHonkala! #WeAreThe197

Forget those corrupt corporate Democrats. I'm getting behind a real fighter for justice, @CheriHonkala. #WeAreThe197

We can't afford to elect more Democrats. Get behind @CheriHonkala's grassroots campaign to end poverty in #Philly! #WeAreThe197

Guess what? I found a real progressive in #Philly. Her name's @CheriHonkala. Join me on the train to justice! #WeAreThe197

@CheriHonkala's planning to eradicate poverty in Philly's 197th district. Join me in supporting her movement:

@CheriHonkala doesn't wait for something to be legal in #Philly to do what's right. Find out more about Cheri:

If you're tired of seeing people freezing on Philly's streets, join me in supporting @CheriHonkala for state rep!

@CheriHonkala's been crusading against poverty and hunger for 30 years. I endorse her candidacy: